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Don’t take our word for it. Here is actual feedback from my amazing clients.

Lisa is amazing and highly skilled. Was an absolute pleasure working with her!

Nika Cristiani
Co- Founder & Creator GYM IN A BOX®️

Lisa G is on the front edge when it comes to taking leaders to the next level. Her content I spot on and the guests on her podcast are fantastic. She is crushing it from all sides. I have spoke with a few of her coaching clients and all give her the highest recommendation. Keep up the great work Lisa!!!

Danny Langloss
President and CEO

I highly recommend working with Lisa, as she does a superlative job for her clients. Lisa’s knowledge and experience is highly relevant, especially during periods of volatility. Her energy and passion for excellence can be relied on when it matters the most.

Bret Packard
Founder & CEO

Lisa has an amazing knack at getting to the root of what's holding you back. She helped me unblock some deep rooted limiting beliefs and really shine through. Bye Bye Imposter Syndrome!

I would totally recommend that you work with Lisa if you are a high performing business leader and want to level up.

Tom Hobbs
Owner, HobbSolutions

I'm thrilled with the high-value coaching Lisa Goldenthal provides. I'm a busy coach myself, and having her on my Team and keeping me accountable is making a HUGE impact on my productivity and sales. I highly recommend Lisa Goldenthal!

Jaki Sabourin
CEO at Engaged at Any Age

Lisa is one of those rare people who can push you to achieve more without feeling like you are being pushed.

Her energy and enthusiasm for life and living it better are contagious. 

If you are looking for support and coaching in the health and performance space, Lisa is someone you should consider working with for sure.

David Marlow
The Ikigai GuyThe

After spending some time with Lisa, I can tell that she is the real deal! She is driven and resilient dedicated professional that knows first hand how reactive to the challenges that get thrown at you and reinvent oneself. If you are looking to achieve mastery and biohack your life. Lisa G can help! She helps high level executives attain peak performance. I highly recommend you reach out and talk with her and see for yourself!

Steve Spiro
Master Connector

Lisa is an absolutely amazing coach. She has incredible energy and creates that rare blend of high level executive coaching, with a focus on performance in all areas of life, supporting executives to be healthy in mind and body. 

Her inspirational approach challenges old and outdated ways of thinking, enabling her clients to get out their own way in a really high energy way. I gain so much inspiration from Lisa, and she inspired me to make a huge mindset shift earlier this year which is transforming my business

Dr Jo Cresswell
Business and Sales Coach

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